VRECTOMORE, A Natural Approach to Male sexual problems

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Frequently asked questions?

1-Will VRECTOMORE work good for me?

    While no product works for everyone, there’s a perfect chance VRECTOMORE  will work for you. As VRECTOMORE has a very powerful, potent and complete list of effective ingredients known to work in multiple pathways for male enhancment.

2-How do I use VRECTOMORE?

  Take 2 tablets 60 to 90 minutes before intercourse, and for maximum results, take one tablet daily after breakfast.

3-How long till I start to see effects?

    Soon , Most people start to see effect immediately, but as you know, there are individual variation which might affect the start of results, but most people have seen positive results after one week of daily dose**.

4-Is VRECTOMORE for both men and women?

    No, this is a man product only but, we have WILD ORGASM  for women.

5-Will VRECTOMORE increase the size of my penis?

    VRECTOMORE may temporary increase the size of your penis through its action on increasing the blood flow due to the nitric oxide blast and icariin effect and of course, most people experience increase in size and girth with daily use” think about it as doing daily phisical activity” it works the same, frequent filling of the corps lead to expansion of tissues**.

6-What are the differences between VRECTOMORE and other products?

 While most of the products on the market share some ingredients that try to resolve the problem from one prospective, VRECTOMORE has a multitude of ingredients which works on different pathways to enhance male sexual performance and help initiate a fuller erection**. VRECTOMORE ingredients are pure expensive herbal extracts” the portion of the herb which is responsible for the effect” not cheap herb powders. VRECTOMORE  also included a lot of natural vitamins and antioxidants to keep you health and energetic. Our goal is not only to bring you rock-hard erections but also to keep you healthy.

7-Are there any side effects for VRECTOMORE?

If you follow the directions and warnings on the label you will most probably not see any adverse effects but, as you know that there is variation of how people react towards the same ingredients**.

    The ingredients in VRECTOMORE are natural ingredients and manufactured at  GMP certified facilities.

8-How do I take VRECTOMORE?

    VRECTOMORE dose is a two(2) tablets before intercourse with 60 to 90 minutes, But for maximum results, we recommend using a daily half serving ”this means 1 tablet” to reach the peak effect.

9-How do I order VRECTOMORE?

  You can order on this website or at eBay, Amazon and Etsy and on this website.

10-Do you ship discreetly?

       Yes, of course.



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†**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for use to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent a disease.

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