VRECTOMORE, A Natural Approach to Male sexual problems

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To know how does VRECTOMORE work, we will ask the reverse question!

The question is usually why we have decreased performance as we age?


To address this question you have to know first how does erection happen and what affect sexual performance.

 Erection happens when sensory or mental excitement happens, your brain will send neurological signals to a penile chamber in the penis called corpora cavernosa to open up so it can be filled with flowing blood. The blood after filling this chamber creates pressure on the surrounding tissues to get them straight. Once the corpora cavernosa is full, a diaphragm restricts the blood from flowing back, thus keeping blood inside to maintain the erection. So on other words, to achieve and maintain erection you should have blood flowing to this chamber and good diaphragm to prevent blood from flowing back to control erection sustainability.

As much as this description seem simple yet the process is a very complicated one.

To start this process, your body work on a lot of pathways but the major one depends on the rule of nitric oxide which starts the process by triggering an enzyme called guanylate cyclase which in turn produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This CGMP promotes the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa so blood can run inside and initiate the erection, then your body need a lot of hormones to maintain this erection and the energy needed to perform.

After arousal and intercourse another enzyme called PDE-5 is produced to deactivate the action of C-GMP so the erection is lost and the penis returns back to its size.

The second question is what causes erectile dysfunction ?

Actually, there are numerous factors like if the body produced more PDE-5 than C-GMP and also if the nitric oxide is not sufficient or if there is no energy to maintain this process and if there is a problem in the anatomy of the penile tissue. Also the loss of energy to support the intercourse and other hormonal issues considering the balance and formation of a lot of hormones like” testosterone” may have an impact on this process.

Then come the most important question! How does VRECTOMORE work?

addressed all the possible problems to help give you a rock hard erection whenever you need them. Some of the herbs on VRECTOMORE have been known to be great aphrodisiacs, while the amino acids on our formula like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and others will give your system a blast of Nitric Oxide which is needed to initiate this erection process, NITRIC OXIDE which is not broken down before your body can use as those forms of L-ARGININE found in other products**.

The vitamins like the B-Complex group contained in our formula will support your body energy production and metabolism during the intercourse

VRECTOMORE contains minerals and vitamins needed in the formation of hormones in your body which are needed to have a strong erection and to fire up your senses.

VRECTOMORE contain the most pure form of “horny goat weed extract ICARIIN ”which had an activity known to be a PDE-5 inhibition as other prescription drugs.

VRECTOMORE also included herbal extracts known to increase energy levels like ginseng to give you more power when you need to perform**.

VRECTOMORE also included a unique spectrum of herbs which are known to be the best aphrodisiacs to help ignite the flame of sexual desire**.

VRECTOMORE included herbal extracts of Ginko which will help increase the blood flow to your genital area so you can achieve strong erections and at the same time you can feel and enjoy even the lightest touch**.

VRECTOMORE daily use will help to maintain a sufficient level of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids to help your body initiate and maintain an erection as hard as rock.

VRECTOMORE full serving dose before intercourse will initiate the production of nitric oxide, stimulate the blood flow to your genitals, prevent the relapse of blood back from your penis and supply all the vitamins needed to fuel your body to perform impressively.


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